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i’m not sure

…about a lot, really, and one of the things that is infinitely less important than the others is what to do with this thing.

(i’m obviously not keeping up with it… don’t know that i ever will…)

so, if for some reason you’re ever here and it looks different, or you ever try to get here but can’t because it’s gone, that’s why –


sarah jaffe tour, concl.

It’s over – we’re back in Denton – it was too short, but it’s good to be home, but it was too short, but it’s good to be home, etc.

I’m going to try to post some pictures at some point (though I’ve said that before)… for now, it’s bedtime,


sarah jaffe tour pt. 1

Touring with Sarah has been a blast… we’re now four days in, which unfortunately means the tour is half over…

So far we’ve played Baton Rouge (which I believe was the biggest crowd, as far as pure people-numbers goes), Tallahassee (where we got to spend time with Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Olen Butler, stories from whose book ‘Severance’ Robert Gomez is setting to music), Orlando (where we met folks from Lure Design, who will be at Flatstock in Austin during SXSW), and St. Augustine, where we’re only steps from the beach, which is so peaceful I can’t even begin to describe it.

Next show is in Mt. Pleasant, SC… then North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas. This tour will be far too short, and far too awesome. For now, it’s time to crash. Holiday Inn, thank you,