twitchy fingers

two of my fingers were twitching all day today at work… teeny-tiny little baby muscle spasms or something… interesting

i have been enjoying the music of the winston jazz routine
for example ('it’s christmas eve, i’ve lost my job' from the choir at your door):

i am throwing punches under mistletoe
shamefully i kiss my wife, try not to show
can we make the mortgage for this january?
father, punish me but spare my family!

i enjoyed south-by-southwest a good deal, even though i mostly went to local bands’ shows… my favorites that weren’t exactly local were mew, colour revolt, and pattern is movement – all bands that i’ve more recently come across… unfortunately i still missed some of my friends’ bands that i don’t get to see often. sorry sirs,

bosque brown’s set went well, i felt… had some good friends there and i was pleased as punch about the night as a whole.

if one is really honest with oneself then he will recognise that sometimes his motivations for a particular effort or action will be rooted in selfishness or pride… sometimes they will be rooted in charity and humility. i haven’t figured mine out yet


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