t o m s

ok ok ok two months later –
from tomsshoes.com:

Inspired by a traditional Argentine shoe and challenged by the continent’s poverty and health issues, I created TOMS with a singular mission: To make like more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through its unique shoe and my commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a child in need… no complicated formulas, it’s simple… you buy a pair of TOMS and I give a pair to a child on your behalf.

i believe tomorrow is their next big shoe drop, in south africa this time around… click here to view footage of last year’s shoe drop in argentina.

i’m sure some (maybe many) would argue that buying shoes isn’t exactly a wonderful example of how to help those in need, or to ‘end’ poverty, but i don’t really think i’d feel like making that point to the 50,000 or so children in south africa who will receive a new pair of well-made shoes in the next few days… i’m also not trying to present this as a way of meeting your ‘love-thy-neighbor’ quota or anything. after all, if it’s true that ‘true generosity is measured not by how much we give away, but by how much we have left,’ then at the end of the day i certainly haven’t been too generous – i have a slightly smaller bank account and a new pair of shoes coming that i don’t ‘need’ (in any real sense of the word)… they’re going to just show up on my doorstep and i won’t have worked for them at all…

well – at any rate, if you’re interested in what toms is doing, there’s plenty of information at their website


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