a recent discovery

‘…please explain my condition and calloused heart and my rendition of holy love. Over and over I try, my fallen state still weak…’ (The Winston Jazz Routine, ‘The Physician’)

‘My heart showeth me the wickedness of the ungodly.’ (Psalms 36:1)

Something that Present Jeremy has only recently begun to understand, and that Future Jeremy would do well to remember:

Appreciation of, enjoyment of, celebration of, and fostering the growth of another’s unique personality does not consist of

(a) forcing upon them, and suffocating them with, enthusiasm for your own interests;
(b) neglecting to explore and share in the experience of his or her interests (for me, i think this often comes from fear of the discovery that we might not share exactly the same interests)
(c) assuming that since another seems Completely Rad they must share the exact same interests as yourself, leading to the repetition of both (a) and (b)

I am quite sure I owe apologies for more than a few missteps in this area…


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