‘As the U.S. enforcement crackdown took hold in 1994 and the years after, it brought long-coveted tranquility to urban areas like San Diego. But other, more rural areas on the border found themselves blindsided. The multi-part crackdown, whose California leg was called Operation Gatekeeper, created a shifting immigrant bulge, a sliding bubble such as that made by stepping on a balloon…’ (Ken Ellingwood, Hard Line)

AP reports on a more recent developing result of U.S. border enforcement measures:
‘Border Measures Pushing Migrants to Sea’

Also, from the New York Times: ‘Businesses Face Cut in Immigrant Work Force’

‘…the need for imported seasonal labor is especially acute… [but] those [business owners] who have followed the law, paid an inordinate amount of money to follow the law by paying attorneys’ fees, prevailing wage and following the rules, are those who are getting hurt…’


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    I feel that I must tag you. See my blog for an example. Yes I know…I’m that girl. Who sends the blog equivalent of a forward.

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    DO IT!

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