more border

So – I’ve become more and more interested in goings-on at the U.S.-Mexico border lately… it’s something I’ve been trying to read more about. Immigration (specifically the illegal sort) seems to be a hot topic in the current political climate, so I’m sort of trying to figure out where I fit in on the whole deal…

Anyway – while I’m not really sure why I write anything here to begin with, I’m certainly not attempting to ‘educate’ others (I’m in no position to be educating anyone) – I’m simply sharing things I’m interested in…

Which brings me to more border stuff. It stands to reason that in attempting to understand current issues at the border it’s good to learn its history; I certainly haven’t read any great wealth of information on the subject but Hard Line, a book by Ken Ellingwood about, as its subtitle suggests, ‘life and death on the U.S.-Mexico border’ (and a book I have been quoting here and there) presents a brief overview of this border’s history and this section is included in the excerpt from the book available to read on the publisher’s website here.

It’s interesting to me, anyway…


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