reynosa, round two

It turns out I’ll get to go back to Casa Hogar Corazon Grande sooner than I thought…

Aerobus is running a promotion for free flights to Monterrey (about two hours from Reynosa) through August, and if you only take a carry-on, you get a $10 discount – so, for a round trip, you essentially get a $20 discount on the taxes/insurance to fly to Monterrey. I also discovered I never cancelled a time-off request for a trip I’d planned to Seattle this week but rescheduled… Let’s perform a simple mathematical equation to derive the outcome of such a serendipitous coincidence of events:

‘We want to give you $20 to fly to Mexico’
‘Oh Snap! I have Wednesday through Friday off work’
Jeremy, in Reynosa, and excited about it

In all the excitement about the prospect of taking off on a completely spontaneous trip to Mexico and winging it (no sleeping arrangements yet at this point), I rather comically forgot some pretty important details about this week. No sooner had I booked the flight than I remembered the reason I had rescheduled my Seattle trip: namely, that I have final exams on Thursday… plus, I’d somehow accidentally booked the return flight for July 30th, not the 6th (…I wish!) – so, after making some changes and paying some fees, I’ll be leaving after my finals tomorrow and will be returning early Monday morning.

Gator at Casa Hogar has since graciously offered (and on such short notice!) to let me stay in one of the available rooms at the children’s home, and hopefully will be able to put me to work while I’m there. While I won’t be able to stay as long as I initially hoped, this will be a much-needed retreat from Life In General…

I will post pictures and such whenever I’m able – might be after returning to Denton…


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