west coast tour day two

Las Cruces, NM > Palm Desert, CA:

I spent the first few hours of today’s drive in the back seat, just staring through the van window, watching the landscape pass us by… it’s awesome out here. Lots of fields with nothing but low-lying brush, an occasional orchard of some sort, a few cows here and there, plenty of trains with graffiti-tagged railcars, low mountains in the distance… I re-[re-(re-)]discovered the beauty of Sigur Ros’ ( ), then listened to Scott Solter’s all-analog and all-awesome remixes of John Vanderslice’s Pixel Revolt, and then put on Múm’s Finally We Are No One; these albums are a fitting soundtrack, I think, to just lying there watching the landscape gradually change. We picked up our second extra hour early, before arriving in California, due to the fact that AZ (all of it? part of it? – I’m not sure) doesn’t observe daylight savings time changes.

Had dinner in Tucson, at this place that had more flies than people in it, I think – some pretty good food, though, if a little overpriced – then we drove the rest of the way to Palm Desert. Bill Callahan sang us most of the way there… there are a few songs on that album that I think are really pretty great – some lyrics here and there that were something else. I dreamed it was a dream that you were gone / I woke up feeling so ripped by reality… Ouch, BC! I know what you mean…

We’re staying at a (really nice!) Holiday Inn… might just head down the road to the nearest casino… when you’re cruising around in a van dubbed the USS Big Willy J it’s always party time,


3am Update: totally made $120!


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