west coast tour days three and four

Palm Desert, CA > Los Angeles, CA > San Francisco, CA

If one is near Hollywood Boulevard and Sycamore Avenue and is wondering where they should eat, the answer is that they should eat at Tiago… that place is incredible. Such good food… after eating we headed to the Knitting Factory to meet up with the folks from The Theater Fire and Trespassers William… they’re all such nice people.

Aside: Anna-Lynne (of Trespassers William) and Robert rented a house out in Marfa, TX earlier this year for a month-long recording project – wrote and recorded an album under the name Ormonde. I think it sounds great…

So, after checking sound and finishing some last-minute pre-show prep stuff (making sure keyboard sounds were programmed correctly, rewriting music so that I could actually read it, etc etc etc blah blah) we played the first set of the tour. It went well, overall, I think – and was definitely a blast. It’s a lot of fun playing with Rob and Heather. The Theater Fire played so well, and Trespassers William was totally great too… the next few days are going to be a blast.

Unfortunately, it was Rahul’s last night with us – so we said goodbye just before leaving the club. We’ll miss him. Drove a few minutes up the road to stay at Anna Lynne’s sister’s house, which sits very near the top of a really tall hill – the view from up here is incredible… it is now morning, and we’ve been treated to Trader Joe’s orange-peach-mango juice, a blueberry-something smoothie, and some awesome coffee. We’ve also been enjoying the company of two extremely chill and awesome dogs – Amber and Rupert – both of whom are… awesome.

Had lunch @ Natural Cafe in Westlake Village, then we took the scenic drive along 101 (which at some point becomes California 1), which is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL – if ever you have the opportunity to drive anywhere at all in California, it is worth it to go out of your way to drive along the coast on 101.

After driving the first five hours or so of the drive, I napped; woke up as Rob drove us through downtown San Francisco. The Hemlock Tavern is a really cool place, and is just a few blocks away from a really awesome restaurant – Thai House Express – which is where we had a really great dinner. Pad Thai was proclaimed the ‘Best of the Bay’; from what I hear, it was good but not great, but my pad kee mow was pretty freaking great. Pad kee mow has become my standard ‘how-is-this-place-really’ dish, and Thai House Express passed with flying colors. Our friend Chris met up with us at Thai House and later took us to Koko, his bar around the corner, which is really nice…

After the show we stayed at Heather’s friend’s place a little north of town in Winters, where we met two more awesome dogs and a cat and where we enjoyed some awesome late-night snacks and where Rob slept outside in the hammock. More later,



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