west coast tour day five

San Francisco, CA > Portland, OR

We got up early this morning, because despite having already made our way an hour north of San Francisco we had a ten-hour drive ahead of us… so, we had some breakfast and coffee, said goodbye to friend/dogs/cat/hammock and hit the road. I slept until we pulled off of I-5 in Lakehead, CA to eat at Camp Shasta Coffee Co. I drove from Lakehead to somewhere a couple hours from Portland, and Rob drove us the rest of the way while I took [another (much needed)] nap. Woke up at Berbati’s Pan, which is a totally rad restaurant/bar/venue with great food at great prices (turkey and swiss panini and fries, after half-price meal ticket: $3!). Their menus look really nice, too… best-looking menu I’ve seen in a while. Sort of silly, I guess, but I appreciate a good-looking menu…

We’ll be in Seattle tomorrow. This, for me, is the most exciting part, because Seattle is home to some good friends of mine and many other great people besides. The show is in Ballard, too, which is my favorite nearby area. Will write more tomorrow,



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