west coast tour day seven

Seattle, WA

Last night’s show was the best so far, I think – felt good, and The Theater Fire and Trespassers William both sounded better than ever… it was especially nice to have a lot of good friends out. I wish we were playing more shows with them…

Today has been uber-peaceful. Got up and around about 9 this morning, showered and grabbed coffee from the (really good) coffee shop across the street from Kris’ place, walked with Kris and his (awesome) dog Cash down the street along the edge of the bay, met more good friends for breakfast at the Dish in Ballard, caught up with another friend at his art gallery, Ambach & Rice, met another friend for coffee, am now doing laundry here in Ballard and am about to catch up with Rob in the U District. Options for tonight include seeing Zach Tillman’s band Pearly Gate Music, playing a friendly poker game in Edmonds or, in the words of our new friend Andy, getting into ‘all manner of whiskey-related trouble’… ha!,

Day Nine Update: I ended up going to the Sunset Tavern – which is my new favorite Seattle venue – to see Zach’s bands Final Spins and Pearly Gate Music… both bands were great. Sunset has a great room – plenty of space to fit a good number of people, but laid out comfortably – smaller crowds would still be comfortable… got to see several folks I hadn’t yet seen during this trip, which was nice… ended up meeting Rob and Anna-Lynne over in Capitol Hill, where we met up with other good folks – ’twas an action packed day,



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