west coast tour day six

Portland, OR > Seattle, WA

Last night we stayed at Scott’s place, which happens to be a house on the second-oldest golf course west of the Mississippi, which is all kinds of awesome and beautiful. Scott is the golf course superintendent, and a nice, hilarious and hospitable one at that. The drive from Portland to Seattle is the shortest we’ve had so far (about three hours), so we were able to take it easy – wake up whenever, eat breakfast whenever (at Junior’s – recommended!), get coffee whenever, leave whenever, and still get to Seattle with plenty of time to check out the studio where Matt (from Trespassers William) lives and works.

So, we are now in Seattle, and I am happy about this. Tonight I will see dear friends I haven’t seen for a year or more, will be spending good times in my favorite part of town, etc. etc. etc. Last night went poorly (for me, specifically – Rob and Heather sounded great); I’m hoping tonight goes much better. Whether or not the show ‘goes well’ is of little consequence, though, because for tonight and tomorrow I’m going to be enjoying the company of some really amazing people that I don’t often get to see. I’ll be spending the night at my friend Kris’ house on the beach in Edmonds, a few minutes north of town… can’t wait,



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