west coast tour days eight and nine

Seattle, WA > Vail, CO

Um, Rob ended up driving all but two of the twenty-ish hours from Seattle to Vail; this is because I fell into a coma somewhere in Idaho (sorry, Rob!). So, I missed most of that part of our trip. But, we ended up in Vail, which is beautiful, and we’re hanging out with our friend Britt, who is awesome, and we saw the New York Philharmonic play Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, which was also awesome, and we hit the town for some good food-and-such, and we’ll be chilling out here tomorrow. Cancelled the Denver show because it wasn’t with the other bands and would’ve been basically crappy. Which is nice, because we can just take it easy hanging out with Britt tomorrow before we head back… so I guess tomorrow will be our last day before driving back to Denton. Later,



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