miscellaneous goodness

after looking over a few recent posts, we (all one of us) here at robotsharkmonstersteak hq (coffeeshop) realize that things have gotten a little youtube-heavy. in order to balance the universe and restore order in the cosmos, we instead bring you links, a picture, and our favorite lyrics from david bazan’s killer new record:

DOGS LOOKING LIKE PEOPLE, in which dogs (and sometimes pandas!) do, in fact, look awfully people-like;
POWERPOINT KARAOKE, in which i really hope this becomes a spectator sport or television contest show or something; and
OBJECTS IN MY HOUSE, in which if you click that link you may potentially spend hours not doing anything else.

and here’s a pretty awesome picture:

stolen from leslie miles

finally, i leave you with some choice lines from the new bazan album:

from ‘curse your branches’:
digging up the root of my confusion
if no one planted it, how does it grow
and why are some hell bent upon there being an answer
while some are quite content to answer i don’t know

from ‘heavy breath’:
if no heavy breath blew up these lungs
while dirt and wet spit hung a ghost in the air
well, we’re still here

from ‘in stitches’:
i might as well admit it
like i even have a choice
the crew have killed the captain
but they still can hear his voice
a shadow on the water
a whisper in the wind
on long walks with my daughter
who is lately full of questions
about you


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