book club, please

I haven’t yet gotten my own copy of David Dark’s The Sacredness of Questioning Everything, but am really looking forward to reading it. I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dark speak a couple of times as a keynote speaker at Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Music, and the man has (many) good things to say.

Until I’ve actually gotten through the book, I won’t start yapping all scatter-brained-but-wanna-be-intellectual about it. But I have read some short reviews/excerpts that seem to be as good a way as any for someone to get an idea as to what the book’s about (in case its title didn’t already take care of that for you):

SHERPA ON A SACRED MOUNTAIN, via Cardus: ‘our ideas of God are… precisely… not big enough.’
QUESTIONING GOD, via Living the Questions: ‘redemption… perhaps begins with… a question mark.’
HERE COMES EVERYBODY, via Clarity Prevails: ‘The good news of God’s economy is inescapably social.’
SIGHT OF MY OWN BLOOD, via Clarity Prevails: ‘consentual fictions… constitute our unjust economies.’

Anyway, the point is, let’s get this book, and let’s read it and discuss it. And then let’s probably read it again,


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