impressive, al franken… impressive

Al Franken has never really been on my radar, but lately he’s been impressing me – a lot:

Al Franken draws a seriously good United States, by hand. via j. kottke

I really wish I knew what it was he was saying while he so casually hand-drew the good ol’ USA from straight outta his memory (and WAY better than this guy did)… because if it was half as good as the discussion he led in the following clip, it was… how we say… awesome:

Al Franken impresses for a second time.

Anyone opposed to Franken ideologically may well be turned off by the title of that second video (‘Al Franken Talks Down Angry Mob’), as it portrays quite unflatteringly anyone who feels they’ve been Taxed Enough Already, etc… but know that the title is unfair: Franken doesn’t talk anyone down so much as he treats with respect a crowd of concerned citizens, who have reasonable questions and skepticism, and he quickly finds common ground on which to build a productive discussion of health care reform. For me, this video was worth the entire ten minutes. After watching it, you may agree or disagree with Franken just as much as before, but you’ll at least have witnessed a real discussion between an elected representative and those whom he serves, and I think that’s pretty sweet.

I don’t really know how most representatives treat their constituents (especially those who voted against them), but I can only hope more of them start taking their cues from Mr. Franken. Well done, sir,



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