slow motion bullets

Last night, despite the fact that I was really pretty tired and wanted to wake up this morning feeling refreshed (haven’t in a while) and on time for class (happens less often than it ought), a fit of nostalgia-induced mind-racing kept me up for four hours. Caught up on Community, a pretty new show that I don’t think is going to change anyone’s life but can be pretty funny; also caught up on The Office, which I’ve watched on a very sporatic basis for a while but never followed until recently; also caught up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; and saw the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, mostly just to see Regina Spektor play (recognize her drummer?); read some articles, etc. blah yada, none of which was actually on my mind…

Anyway, at some point I was reading and saw a video of bullets filmed in slow motion, which is sort of fascinating to watch and reminded me of another video I saw a couple of years ago… at the time I had recently fired a ‘big-boy gun’ for the first time (I’m not really a gun guy, but have to admit it was a pretty fun experience), and was spending my employer’s time wisely when I came across this strangely beautiful slow motion video of someone firing a Smith & Wesson 500:

Smith & Wesson 500 filmed in slow motion

…also reminded me of this page full of links to slow motion videos.


PS – also, here’s a recent interview with Midlake by Simon Raymonde, the man behind Bella Union (their record label). It’s pretty good. It’s not in slow motion, though…

PPS – also, here’s a pretty awesome story (again, via about a cafe in Japan where each customer would order for the next person in line, and would receive what the person in front of them had ordered. Interesting idea…


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