quiet time

It has lately been pretty quiet here at robotsharkmonstersteak HQ – even though, by the good graces of a roommate, we’ve upgraded from using coffeeshop internet access out of sometimes-necessity to having our very own network with its very own name and very own password. (Moving on up, here…)

‘Quiet,’ in my experience, typically means ‘given too much time to oneself and his thoughts,’ which also adds up to ‘not in the mood to post, or else lacking, particularly interesting and share-worthy links and whatnot…’

All that to say, I just haven’t felt like putting anything here. And I don’t like to get too crazy-personal on this thing (I’m about to get as personal as it gets) – so when most of my time has been spent either thinking too much about stuff, or working or sleeping to avoid thinking too much about stuff, the shblogging takes the back seat and the watching-tv-on-the-internet takes the front seat. Hablando de televisión, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES


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