i’m going to try to get back into the swing of updating this thing more regularly…
tomorrow is drums-practicing-day and drums-recording-day and working-on-a-website-day and preparing-for-a-tour-day:


  • 01.05.2010 – Baton Rouge, LA @ The Spanish Moon
  • 01.06.2010 – Tallahassee, FL @ The Engine Room
  • 01.07.2010 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
  • 01.08.2010 – St. Augustine, FL @ Cafe Eleven
  • 01.09.2010 – Mt. Pleasant, SC @ Village Tavern
  • 01.10.2010 – Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle
  • 01.11.2010 – Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone Cafe
  • 01.12.2010 – Little Rock, AR @ The Rev Room

come hang!,


quiet time

It has lately been pretty quiet here at robotsharkmonstersteak HQ – even though, by the good graces of a roommate, we’ve upgraded from using coffeeshop internet access out of sometimes-necessity to having our very own network with its very own name and very own password. (Moving on up, here…)

‘Quiet,’ in my experience, typically means ‘given too much time to oneself and his thoughts,’ which also adds up to ‘not in the mood to post, or else lacking, particularly interesting and share-worthy links and whatnot…’

All that to say, I just haven’t felt like putting anything here. And I don’t like to get too crazy-personal on this thing (I’m about to get as personal as it gets) – so when most of my time has been spent either thinking too much about stuff, or working or sleeping to avoid thinking too much about stuff, the shblogging takes the back seat and the watching-tv-on-the-internet takes the front seat. Hablando de televisiĆ³n, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES

‘nineteen twenty nine’

from ‘nineteen twenty nine,’ by the rocketboys:

did you hear gospel songs
could you hear our tears making them sound wrong
never had we felt more alone
oh, could you hear gospel songs

like a train on its track
we made our way in black
through the hallway to the back
oh, like a train on its track

when four of us were carrying you on poles
it was a burden we wanted
so we could know that you were close
when four of us were carrying you on poles

oh, did you hear gospel songs

slow motion bullets

Last night, despite the fact that I was really pretty tired and wanted to wake up this morning feeling refreshed (haven’t in a while) and on time for class (happens less often than it ought), a fit of nostalgia-induced mind-racing kept me up for four hours. Caught up on Community, a pretty new show that I don’t think is going to change anyone’s life but can be pretty funny; also caught up on The Office, which I’ve watched on a very sporatic basis for a while but never followed until recently; also caught up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; and saw the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, mostly just to see Regina Spektor play (recognize her drummer?); read some articles, etc. blah yada, none of which was actually on my mind…

Anyway, at some point I was reading and saw a video of bullets filmed in slow motion, which is sort of fascinating to watch and reminded me of another video I saw a couple of years ago… at the time I had recently fired a ‘big-boy gun’ for the first time (I’m not really a gun guy, but have to admit it was a pretty fun experience), and was spending my employer’s time wisely when I came across this strangely beautiful slow motion video of someone firing a Smith & Wesson 500:

Smith & Wesson 500 filmed in slow motion

…also reminded me of this page full of links to slow motion videos.


PS – also, here’s a recent interview with Midlake by Simon Raymonde, the man behind Bella Union (their record label). It’s pretty good. It’s not in slow motion, though…

PPS – also, here’s a pretty awesome story (again, via about a cafe in Japan where each customer would order for the next person in line, and would receive what the person in front of them had ordered. Interesting idea…