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feliz cumpleaños, miguel jackson

I’m going to throw this out there: I’ve never really cared all that much about Michael Jackson.

(um… except for when the Free Willy soundtrack spent weeks – nay, months – in the old Walkman)

But, I certainly do enjoy reading about events like this one, which totally made my week: the incredibly absurd and silly and totally amazing gathering of 12,937 people in Mexico City to break the world record for Largest Mass Thriller Dance, in celebration of what would have been his 51st birthday.

They barely beat the previous record of… 242.

Witness Mexico’s massive awesomeness:


los beatles

Burro Hall has done me right by posting this:

This would be Mexico’s Grupo Help!, and from this video it looks like they put on quite a show. The Paul Guy looks and sounds more or less like Paul, as do The John Guy and The George Guy, and they’re even dressed and instrumented – is that a word? – pretty well…

(except, perhaps, for the fifth member… whom we’ll call ‘George Martin And His 40-Years-Advanced Computerized Keyboard Of Anachronism’)

So, anyway, I dig ’em. Hope to catch them next time I’m riding the down escalator at a mall in Mexico, D.F.


PS. fast-forward to approximately 2:35 to get to the part where the magic happens in that video up there

reynosa, round two (concluded)

So, it’s ridiculous that it has taken me nearly four months to take a few minutes to update with more about my trip in July… I’ll go ahead and start doing that now:

Thursday night (July 3) I took a final exam and left immediately for Austin… saw some good pre-4th fireworks driving into the city. My flight to Monterrey was scheduled for Friday afternoon … (continued)

reynosa, round two

It turns out I’ll get to go back to Casa Hogar Corazon Grande sooner than I thought…

Aerobus is running a promotion for free flights to Monterrey (about two hours from Reynosa) through August, and if you only take a carry-on, you get a $10 discount – so, for a round trip, you essentially get a $20 discount on the taxes/insurance to fly to Monterrey. I also discovered I never cancelled a time-off request for a trip I’d planned to Seattle this week but rescheduled… Let’s perform a simple mathematical equation to derive the outcome of such a serendipitous coincidence of events:

‘We want to give you $20 to fly to Mexico’
‘Oh Snap! I have Wednesday through Friday off work’
Jeremy, in Reynosa, and excited about it

In all the excitement about the prospect of taking off on a completely spontaneous trip to Mexico and winging it (no sleeping arrangements yet at this point), I rather comically forgot some pretty important details about this week. No sooner had I booked the flight than I remembered the reason I had rescheduled my Seattle trip: namely, that I have final exams on Thursday… plus, I’d somehow accidentally booked the return flight for July 30th, not the 6th (…I wish!) – so, after making some changes and paying some fees, I’ll be leaving after my finals tomorrow and will be returning early Monday morning.

Gator at Casa Hogar has since graciously offered (and on such short notice!) to let me stay in one of the available rooms at the children’s home, and hopefully will be able to put me to work while I’m there. While I won’t be able to stay as long as I initially hoped, this will be a much-needed retreat from Life In General…

I will post pictures and such whenever I’m able – might be after returning to Denton…

more border

So – I’ve become more and more interested in goings-on at the U.S.-Mexico border lately… it’s something I’ve been trying to read more about. Immigration (specifically the illegal sort) seems to be a hot topic in the current political climate, so I’m sort of trying to figure out where I fit in on the whole deal…

Anyway – while I’m not really sure why I write anything here to begin with, I’m certainly not attempting to ‘educate’ others (I’m in no position to be educating anyone) – I’m simply sharing things I’m interested in…

Which brings me to more border stuff. It stands to reason that in attempting to understand current issues at the border it’s good to learn its history; I certainly haven’t read any great wealth of information on the subject but Hard Line, a book by Ken Ellingwood about, as its subtitle suggests, ‘life and death on the U.S.-Mexico border’ (and a book I have been quoting here and there) presents a brief overview of this border’s history and this section is included in the excerpt from the book available to read on the publisher’s website here.

It’s interesting to me, anyway…

reynosa, round one

Running 1,952 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, the
U.S.-Mexico border is unique in the world because it separates two countries
with such wildly disparate standards of living. Here, the First and Third Worlds
lie pressed together, cheek to cheek… (Ken Ellingwood, Hard Line)

Last week I joined two of my younger brothers and their youth group on a trip to Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. It’s just across the border from McAllen and Pharr, Texas … (continued)